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At Bluffton Middle School, the basis of who we are and what we do is rooted in what we call the House System. Our students are celebrated for their efforts through a process that builds character, empowers academic excellence, fosters school spirit, enhances relationships, and promotes a culture of belonging for all. At BMS, our four houses of Coraggio, Respe, Excelencia, and Wajibu (CREW) offer a pirate-themed, one-of-a-kind approach to students receiving daily pastoral care through various competitions, community-service projects, rallies, team-building activities, and our house families that are designed to ensure that every student is connected to a positive adult through their middle level years. These house families come together every Friday during "Family Time" and consist of small communitities within the larger whole house community where students can thrive due to an increased sense of belonging and social accountability. Once a student is selected within a house, they are forever in that house and that house family! As students move through their middle school years at BMS, students will be able to develop and refine their  skills needed in today's workforce and can become sound leaders both within the school community through our House Council and mentorship opportunities, but also within the community at large and beyond! We are confident that the house system ultimately affords every student here at BMS exposure to an exceptional middle school experience where they can thrive, become even more awesome human beings, all while looking back on their time with us as a time they will never forget! Four Houses...ONE CREW!